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Ramadan 2024 in Dubai

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Ramadan 2024 will be one of the most significant dates in the calendar for anyone living in Dubai. During the Holy Month, Muslims are required to elevate their level of spiritual and physical submission to their faith by way of fasting. The abstention from eating and drinking is intended to last from dawn until dusk throughout the 29 or 30-day period. According to leading astronomers, Monday March 11 will mark the first day of the Holy Month.

On Saturday February 10, the UAE’s International Astronomy Center announced the sighting of the Sha’ban crescent moon. Today, Sunday February 11, is the first day of the month Sha’ban, signalling that there is just one month to go until Ramadan. Ibrahim Al Jarwan, chairman of the Emirates Astronomical Society, confirmed that starting from the next Ramadan, the month will take place during the winter season, which hasn’t happened in many years. This will be the first Ramadan to fall in the UAE’s winter since 2000.

If this comes to pass, Eid al Fitr will fall on Wednesday April 10, 2024. That means we should be expecting a week off from Monday April 8 to Friday April 12. The exact date of Ramadan’s beginning is determined by religious scholars under the cover of night. Only when the UAE’s Moon-sighting committee spots the Ramadan crescent will the date be officially confirmed.

During the Holy Month, working hours are cut short and some restaurants are closed during the day, while schools have shorter opening hours.

Important Dates

  • First Day of Ramadan: Monday, March 11, 2024
  • Eid al Fitr: Wednesday, April 10, 2024

What to Expect

  • Shortened working hours
  • Closed restaurants during the day
  • Shorter school hours

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