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The Dubai Metro expansion and 5 other ways Dubai is going green

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Dubai is always evolving, and now more than ever the city is making some seriously active efforts to go greener.

Whether it’s new construction projects, initiatives or even banning certain items, there’s no doubt that things are getting more sustainable.

From hydrogen buses and flying taxis to metro expansions and giving the boot to free plastic bags, this is everything that’s getting Dubai green.

Want to do your bit for the environment too? Check out how you can support and get involved below.

Dubai Metro expansion

Dubai Metro (Credit: RTA)

Plans have now been announced to expand the Dubai Metro dramatically in the next 15 years, with the number of stations to be doubled by 2040.

Totalling in at 140 stations, the metro line will cover 228 square kilometres, making it easier than ever to use public transport to get around.

This comes after the announcement of the new Dubai Metro blue line, which will stretch over 30km and include 14 new stations.

If you want to travel eco-friendly, this is the way to do it.

What’s more, a new Nol travel card has now been introduced, giving you more discounts and perks than ever just for taking the metro.

Dubai mangroves

(Credit: URB)

The huge coastal regeneration project is still in the planning and trial stages but will transform Dubai beaches once finished.

Planting the greenery down 72km of coastline, the trees will absorb huge amounts of CO2, and protect coasts from erosion.

This would mean every year, all the new trees planted in Dubai would take in enough CO2 to make up for the yearly emissions from 260,000 vehicles.

Currently, six pilot zones are under research and will be located on Jebel Ali Beach, Dubai Marina Beach, Jumeirah Public Beach, Umm Suqeim Beach, Mercato Beach and Dubai Islands Beach.

A museum and visitor hub will also be constructed, letting you visit the project, soak in all that fresh air and support the initiative. However, this might not be for a while, as the mangroves have an estimated completion date of 2040.

Dubai flying taxis

Flying taxi Dubai JOBY
The flying taxi from JOBY Aviation is coming soon to Dubai. (Credit: JOBY Aviation)

These guys will be entirely electric, so why not look super bougie and save the environment at the same time?

The traffic-busting flying taxis are expected to arrive in Dubai at the end of next year with flights taking off from four key points of the city initially.

A collaboration between the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, JOBY Aviation and Skyports Infrastructure, the air taxi is set to transform public transport as we know it.

Tests will be carried out on the aircraft over the next year and a half and, once completed, it will see Dubai become the first city in the world to have inner-city air transport.

Want to know when you’ll get to flag one down? Check out our full explainer here.

Expansion of cycle paths

Hessa street cycling track

Cycle paths are being expanded all over Dubai, but the biggest project is by far the track that will connect Dubai Hills to Al Sufhouh.

Spanning over 13.5km, you can pedal all the way to the beach once the path is complete. To keep the route continuous, two new bridges will be built, one across Sheikh Zayed Road and the other running across Al Khail Road.

Part of the Hessa Street project, the track will allow for bicycles, scooters and pedestrians to travel more easily without using a car — improving wellbeing and congestion in Dubai.

Expected to be completed by 2030, if you want to go green before then, why not check out some of the routes already in place, or hire out a Careem bike for a leisurely cycle.

Banning single-use plastic bags

Dubai bans single use plastic bags
Dubai bans single-use plastic bags (Credit: Supplied)

Dubai has now introduced a complete ban on one-time-use bags across the city for materials thinner than 57 micrometres.

This ban extends beyond just those made from plastic and includes paper bags, biodegradable plant material bags and biodegradable bags.

The move sees Dubai follow other countries around the world in introducing the ban in a bid to make daily life more sustainable.

So this is the time to move to bags for life, better materials and do your part for the city. However, there are some exceptions to the ban, which you can find in our full explainer here.

Hydrogen buses

Dubai hydrogen bus
A new eco-friendly bus is being introduced to Dubai’s roads by the RTA (Credit: RTA)

Trying all of the latest technology, a hydrogen bus has now been introduced, offering a more eco-friendly alternative to your morning commute.

Only on a trial basis at present, the vehicle uses hydrogen rather than petrol or electricity and only emits water vapour.

If the trial is successful then it’s possible we could see a wider rollout which would help reduce pollution and improve the air quality in the city.

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