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Dubai Police announces free car inspections this summer

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Dubai Police is offering free car inspections until Saturday August 31.

In line with the General Department of Traffic’s awareness campaign, ‘Summer Without Accidents’, all private can benefit from this service to ensure every car is fit for the UAE’s roads.

To redeem, drivers are encouraged to visit their local AutoPro centre, where mechanics will be more than happy to give your car a 10-point vehicle health check-up.

The free 10-point car health check-up by AutoPro will inspect:

  • Air conditioning and air filter
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Battery health
  • Radiator hoses
  • Wiper blades
  • Tyre pressure
  • Engine oil and coolant level
  • Light functioning
  • General fluid level
  • Seatbelt condition

As summer temperatures continue to increase in the UAE, tyre bursts are a common cause of accidents during this period, so motorists are urged to get their car seen to before the end of August.

The announcement comes shortly after police in Abu Dhabi advised motorists on the items to avoid leaving in your car during these hotter months, which could be at risk of a fire accident if they’re exposed to sunlight.

If you leave compressed containers such as deodorant cans, batteries, power banks, hand sanitisers, perfumes, gas cylinders and lighters in the car for a long period of time, then you could be at risk of a fire accident if they’re exposed to sunlight.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has also issued safety advice to make sure motorists look after the mechanics of their vehicles as it can get much more challenging to keep them well-maintained as it gets hotter.

The authority also emphasised the importance of checking regularly the condition of tyres, brakes, oils, cooling fluids, air conditioning systems, batteries, lights and windshield wipers, and to inspect for oil or water leaks regularly — a good habit to be made at all times of year, we say.

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But it’s not only your car you need to pay attention to — you’ve also got to make sure you look after yourself while driving too.

Drink plenty of water (especially on long drives) and sunglasses to protect from the glare. And if you’ve got kids and pets, of course, never leave them on their own in a parked car.

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If you’re able to do so, put up a protective windshield shade when your car is parked to prevent the heat from permeating through into the vehicle. It will save you from a scorching steering wheel.

Where possible, try to park in a shaded area during the extreme heat (though these spots are harder to come by when everyone else has the same idea!)

And once you’re parked, leave the windows open ajar to let in a bit of ventilation for when you get back to your vehicle.

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