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17 Mins Palm Helicopter Tour Dubai.

17 Mins Palm Helicopter Tour Dubai.

AED 945 / USD 257 Per Passenger
AED 4,390 / USD 1,195 Private Flight (Up to 5 Passengers)
If you opt for the 17-minute Palm helicopter ride, we provide pick-up and drop-off services at the Dubai Police Academy Helipad.
With our exclusive 17-minute helicopter ride, you have the flexibility to plan your own schedule and explore Dubai in just 17 minutes. This thrilling experience includes visits to iconic landmarks such as the Burj Al Arab, the Palm Jumeirah, numerous beaches, rivers, and other notable points of interest. You also have the opportunity to capture photos from a bird’s-eye perspective.


Embark on our 17-minute Palm Helicopter Ride in Dubai and discover the city as you’ve never seen it before! Have you ever dreamed of gliding through the sky? Have you ever envisioned yourself soaring like a bird, observing the world from above? If you’ve ever desired to experience the wind, the clouds, the atmosphere, and the scenery, I’m thrilled to inform you that you can do so with our 17-minute Palm Helicopter Ride in Dubai. Relax and indulge in this 17-minute Palm Dubai Helicopter Tour, allowing the adventurer within you to revel in the breathtaking sights and numerous remarkable elements that compose Dubai’s vibrant atmosphere. Suppose you wish to engage in more sightseeing and transform into a soaring bird to capture all those stunning vistas from above. In this scenario, Helidubai offers several helicopter tour options in Dubai that may pique your interest.
  • Embark on a luxurious helicopter journey above Dubai.
  • Witness iconic Dubai landmarks such as the Burj Al Arab, the Burj Khalifa, and many more.
  • Experience a bird’s-eye view of all the city’s landmarks and icons.
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of Dubai’s renowned structures and stunning skyline from a unique perspective.
  • Receive 5 minutes of safety instructions.
  • Your flight will be guided by an experienced and professional pilot. Step aboard a five-seater helicopter and prepare for unforgettable views beyond your imagination.
  • Please note that it is essential to check in 45 minutes before the flight with valid identification.

12 Mins Iconic Helicopter Tour Ticket

AED 710 / USD 194 Ticket Per Passenger
AED 3,020 / USD 822 Private Flight (Up to 5 Passengers) Book Now

22 Mins Vision Helicopter Tour Ticket

AED 1,299 / USD 354 Ticket Per Passenger AED 5,995 / USD 1,633 Private flight (Up to 5 Passengers)

30 Mins The Grand Helicopter Tour Ticket

AED 1,770 / USD 482 Ticket Per Passenger
AED 7,965 / USD 2,169 Private flight (Up to 5 Passengers)

40 Mins Odyssey Helicopter Tour Dubai

AED 11,200 / USD 3,050 Per flight (Up to 5 pax)